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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I sign up for service? A: You can sign up via our website or contact our office for assistance. Q: What days are you in my residential area? A: Please reference our calendars for trash and recycling. Q: What happens if I need an additional pickup? A: Call the office the day before one of your scheduled pickup days, note that you will be charged accordingly. Q: I am a returning seasonal customer, what is the best way to setup my summer service? A: Email with start and stop dates and what you would like for service. Q: What are my billing options? A: Pay online, invoice monthly or credit card on file. Q: Can I pay online? A: Yes!  We now offer online account access.  Click here to login. Q: Can I view my account online? A: Yes!  We now offer online account access.  Click here to login.  
Q: Where do I purchase trash stickers? A: Vineyard Cash and Carry, Cronig’s Market Vineyard Haven, Cumberland Farms, and Leslie’s Drug Store. Q: Which holidays will Bruno’s not pick up? A: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day (pick ups for these days will occur the next day) Q: What can I do if I miss my scheduled pickup? A: You can either wait until your next scheduled pickup or take it to your local transfer station. Q: Where can I get a green recycling tote? A: Bruno’s office, located at 11 East Line Rd. Edgartown, in the Airport Business Park Q: How should the green recycling tote be placed at the curb? A: Please place the tote within 4’ from the curb, wheels away from the street, with nothing against the sides of the tote. Q: What is my recycling schedule? A: Every other week on same day as trash pickup. Q: What is single stream recyclable? A: Office paper, cardboard, CLEAN plastics #’s 1-7, magazines, newspapers, bottles, cans, etc.  See also Recycling. Q: What can’t go in single stream recycling? A: Greasy food containers, waxy cardboard, plastic bags.    See also Recycling.
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